Saturday, October 31, 2009

1st Halloween

For Adelyn's first Halloween, we dressed her as a very pink bunny rabbit! I am not a huge fan of the Holiday, but I think it is cute when little kids dress up in costumes and fun to watch them run around so excited to get candy. Although Adelyn won't remember this Halloween, she certainly looked cute for it! We went to a party in our new neighborhood, and all the kids paraded around to different houses. Most of the children were 3 and under, so it was a great way for Steven and me to meet some other families in our neighborhood. It was lots of fun!

Adelyn loved sucking on her carrot rattle.

All the kids lined up to get their picture taken before we headed out to get candy.

She is so tiny next to the other "big" kids!

I guess I was enjoying all the sweet kids.

Adelyn actually enjoyed reaching for the candy (and I benefited from it too :) )

Precious little bunny!

Someone was throwing candy from her balcony. I thought it was funny to watch the kids stand there and try to catch it.

After the party we went over to our neighbor's house, and all the kids played together on the floor. It was Adelyn's first experience with that many kids, and she was definitely taking it all in. The older kids kept steeling her toys, but fortunately she is young enough that it didn't bother her. She just liked sitting and watch all the chaos.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Watching Football with Dad

Adelyn and Daddy watching the game together...

"Adelyn, do you think they should go for it on 4th and one?"

"Of course, Dad."

"Al Groh, why would you run a shot gun on 4th and one? We miss it every time!!!"

"Come on guys!"

("Should we let them know we are just watching praise baby?...nah")

Sam and Dee

On Wednesday, Sam and Dee, Adelyn's great grandparents, came to visit on their way back down to Florida. It was great to see them, and Adelyn loved showing off her new skills!

5 Months Old

Adelyn turned 5months this week, and she has decided to make this month a big one! We could tell she has been teething recently b/c she chews on everything (chew toys, clothes, noses, chins...anything you put in front of her) and on Monday, her first tooth broke through! It is on the lower right side, and you can only see a little bit of it, but it is definitely there. It was really bothering her and she had been unusually fussy, but since it broke through she has been much happier. It is a little early to have teeth, and fortunately she hasn't tried to bite me yet :)
She also has learned to sit. She can sit in the tripod position for about 10mins independently, and occasionally can lift her arms up and play with something. It is so cute because she is such an adorable little thing sitting there all by herself!
Adelyn got shots yesterday and she did pretty well. She was not happy about it at all but she forgot about them after a few minutes. When we were at the doctors office, I put her on the scale and she weighs 13lbs 14oz with her clothes on. Such a little peanut!

Adelyn chewing her teether toy and watching Praise Baby. This was on Monday and she was having a rough day, so we turned Praise Baby and she was much happier.

Watching Praise Baby and sitting by herself!

Such a happy baby!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Funny Pics

Look at that sweet face!

She is learning to sit up, but would prefer to roll right now. I think she rolled over on her boppy in this pic.

She got to watch football with Pop Rock, Grami, and Aunt Catherine this past weekend. It was fun to watch UVA beat Maryland!

Loving on Auntie Catherine

Go Hoos!

Adelyn has an allergy to the whey in cow's milk, so I had to cut out all milk products. If you all know my well, you will know that ice cream has always been a staple in my diet. I obviously love this little girl very much to be willing to give it all up. I guess she decided she would have some herself, though. (Steven had the jug on the table, and she picked it up and started chewing on funny!)

Mommy, this is yummy...I don't know why you gave it up!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Condo Pics...Finally!!!

Steven and I moved to a condo in Herndon in the beginning of September. It has been great being so close to Steven (he comes home for lunch almost every day), and our actual condo has been a great change. It is a split level 2 bedroom /2 bathroom condo and the living/dining/kitchen area is all one big space. I love that b/c it means a lot more crawl/play space for Adelyn, and I can watch her as I cook. It has definitely been a good change for us, although it is hard to be further away from our friends in Arlington and DC.
We do have an extra bed in Adelyn's room and a futon, so feel free to visit whenever. We love guests!

Dining area

Kitchen (I love all the cabinets and counter space. And the gas cooking is awesome!)

Living area: The gas fireplace is awesome. We have already used it a lot b/c of the cold, rainy October days. And the TV was Steven's birthday present. Watching football is fun on that thing!

Hallway bathroom.

Our bedroom.

Adelyn's bedroom. (We have a guest bed in there, which is great)

Sunday, October 18, 2009

More Baptism Pictures

Our little Angel

The whole Wood/Luck clan (minus Auntie Ashley of course...but not for long!)

The Rathbones were able to come, which was so much fun. Sweet Noah is getting soo big!

Saturday, October 17, 2009


Last Sunday, Adelyn and her cousin Rob were baptized at Trinity Presbyterian Church in Charlottesville at the 11:15 service. After the service, we had lunch with family and out of town guests at the Luck's house. It was a wonderful event, and fortunately there were no major melt downs (we had been preparing Adelyn for getting water in her face, but Greg Thompson was very sweet about no soaking her :) ). We are so appreciative of everyone, whether there or not, who has committed to helping us raise our sweet baby girl in the faith and love of her Lord and Savior.

Adelyn lounging with Great Grandpa, Pop Luck, after the Baptism.

Rob and Adelyn with their Great Grandparents, the Lucks.

Post baptism with Pop Rock. She is wearing the gown I wore when I was baptized. She wore a long gown for the actually baptism, but we changed her into this afterwards.

Both babes were precious in their white. Here are two very proud grandparents!

Greg Thompson baptized Adelyn and Rob. It was sweet to have him do it because he also married Steven and me.

Both babes behaved very well the whole time!