Saturday, August 13, 2011

Beach and Braden is 4months!

This post is long over due, but we have been super busy recently. On July 21st, Steven and I had our 5 year anniversary (what?!? 5 years?!? My how time flies!) We were so excited to celebrate by having a nice, quite evening just the two of us. We went out to eat at a yummy restaurant and planned to leave for the beach 2 days later and enjoy a little R&R with the Wood and McNerney clans. crab cakes I enjoyed at dinner had other plans...And Steven and I ended up with wicked food poisoning that knocked us out for 3 days, and finally landed us both in the ER to get some fluids, antibiotics, and anti nausea medication. (Fortunately, Adelyn was already at the beach, and Sandra Luck was my saving grace and took care of Braden, bringing him to me to nurse him, putting him down for naps, and spending the night just in case he woke hero!) Once we regained a little bit of strength, we packed our bags and headed to the beach (4 days late) and figured we would feel better out of the house. We loved our time with family, but were still a bit sick, so I didn't take many pictures. There are several on Facebook that I will try to get eventually from the McNerney fam, but here are a few from the week.

Addie loves playing in the sand :)

And Braden slept beautifully in his tent by the ocean

Bundle baby!

This boy loved the beach, I think mostly b/c there were so many people there to smile at him

Eating Popsicles with Poppy

After the beach, I spent a day in VaBeach with some amazing college friends. Megan, Jen, Ashley, Julie, and I all hung out at Megan's house, enjoyed some time by the pool, and spent hours talking and catching up on eachother's lives. Braden got to come too, and he played with Noah and Micah, Megan's too wonderful boys. He also started rolling from his back to his front while we were there and he hasn't stopped since!

When I got back from vacations, we had Braden's 4 month appointment. He is growing well and doing great! He is smiley, laughs all the time, and is such a joy. While he still isn't the best sleeper, he is doing much better, and is definitely more predictable. Once he learned to roll, we had to stop swaddling him b/c he rolls all over the place and scooches himself around his crib and the floor. Sleep was rough right after we got rid of the swaddle b/c he loved it, but now he is used to it and loves to sleep on his tummy (often with his face down which totally freaks me out, but he's fine.) He loves grabbing his feet, kicking things, and standing all the time! He also adores his sister and smiles any time she is around. His little bald head is totally kissable, though he is starting to get a little bit of blond hair. I foresee my life changing drastically in the next few months as this child learns to move, so I'm trying to enjoy the fact that I can put him down, and he will be in the same room, at least, when I come back. (often under the couch or across the floor...but at least in the same room :) ). Here are some pics from his 4 month photo shoot.

Attempting to take pictures...

that's how he ended up...oh help me!

Sweet face. :)

(this is a picture of Steven as a baby...I think they look similar...what do you think?)

And b/c we can't forget our sweet Addie, she is now fully a 2 year old. She is sweet, firey, and wants to do everything herself. She likes putting her own shoes on, putting her baby to bed, and reading her books (by herself.) Every night before bed, I sing her "Holy, Holy, Holy", "Amazing Grace", and "Jesus Loves Me". Her favorite book right now is God Knows Me, and she has memorized it, which is adorable b/c there is a part that says, "God knows (loves) me, God knows me. He walks with me and talks with me. God knows me." My precious, independent girl!