Sunday, August 29, 2010

I'm Back

Hi Blogging world...I'm back! I know, many of you have wanted to send nasty emails to me about why I haven't updated, but I feel like I had a pretty good excuse...

For all those who don't know...WE'VE MOVED!! About a month ago, Steven was offerred a job with Habitat for Humanity in C'ville as their project manager. We were very excited for him to accept the job, and ever since then, our lives have been crazy. The following weekend, we went away for our anniversary, then we all got nasty colds followed by a dual ear infection for sweet Addie, then we went off to the beach for 2 weeks, and finally, the week we got back from the beach, we packed up our condo and then moved into the Lucks basement. We have been spending this past week unpacking and getting settled at the Lucks, which is where we will be staying until we find more permanent housing. We did all this while also going to 3 weddings and a wedding shower. It has all been lots of fun, but there has been absolutely no available time for blogging. Things have settled down, though, and so I am planning on posting lots of pics from our beach weeks. In the mean time, here are some cute pics of our sweet Addie to tide you over until then.

My sickly little girl :( Don't worry, she recoverred quickly after a good dose of antibiotics.

Pretty in purple with her fun backpack. She looks like such a big girl!

This little one loves corn on the cob! She and Ashley at from the cob alongside each other because Adelyn couldn't handle Ash eating from it without her. It was so funny to watch!

Kissing Daddy goodbye when he was off to work. She has learned to blow kisses now, and I love it!