Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Visit with Grandmother and G Pop Carlton

After visiting Dee Dee and Sam, we then traveled to Hilton Head to spend some time with Grandmother and GPop Carlton.  They live in a beautiful house with a private pool, so the kids loved playing in the water, and I even got some alone time, relaxing by the pool and reading magazines (as you can imagine, I'm already planning our trip back!)  Grandmother is infamous for always stocking her fridge full of wonderful food that the kids love, so as you will see in the pictures, Braden enjoyed eating...a lot!  The Carltons are so hospitably, and so wonderful with the children, that visiting is very easy (despite the travel.)  These children of ours are so blessed to have so many wonderful Great Grandparents!

Eating Pears....
And Popsicles

"helping" Daddy set up the umbrella

reading at nap time

Adelyn in her tutu swimsuit playing in the small pool.  It was perfect in so many ways!

Building with G Pop

They have a piano that plays wonderful music just by pressing the petals.  Adelyn fell in love with it and sang and danced for hours!

Oh, how we all miss them!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Florida Visit

In April, Steven and I had the privilege of taking the kids down to visit some of their Great Grandparents.  We also were fortunate enough to buy a van a the week that we left, which made the 32+ hours we spent in the care, much more pleasant.  (I know, vans aren't "cool" but man are they wonderful!)  We first drove 9 hours to the Carlton's house in Hilton Head (1st making a stop in Richmond for cousin Robert's 3rd birthday, of course), stayed over the night, then left the next morning and drove 7 hours to Sarasota, Florida, to visit Sam and DeeDee Stipp.  The car ride was actually not as bad as I thought it was going to be, and the kids slept more than expected in the car (b/c of the comfy van, of course!)  Florida was super fun, and we all loved all the great things that Sarasota had to offer!

Grampa Sam, snuggling with Braden, after a nap.

POOL TIME!!!  (Braden wasn't so sure at first)

Playing Ball with DeeDee

teaching Adelyn how to stroke

Drying off with Daddy
After a day at the pool and some time at the park, we went to the Sarasota aquarium...and the kids LOVED it!!!  Adelyn talked about wanting to see the sharks all day, and Braden couldn't get enough of the fish.

Jelly Fish!

Look at that shark!

This is the view from their balcony :)

We miss them!!!