Monday, December 21, 2009

Let it Snow, let it snow, let it snow

We're dreaming of a white Christmas...and this year, we might actually get one! I can't believe there might be snow on the ground for Adelyn's first Christmas. We had lots of fun watching the snow fall and then playing in it this past weekend. I was supposed to be in NYC with my mom and Ashley, visiting Allison Hudson, but my flight was delayed b/c of mechanical reasons and they weren't able to fix it before the storm hit. It ended up being a good thing b/c the flight I was supposed to take from NYC to Dullas was cancelled on Sunday night, so I would have been stuck there, and Steven would have had to bring Adelyn to work for the day, or stayed home with her :)
Adelyn enjoyed going out on Sunday, but wasn't so sure about Saturday, when the snow was still coming down hard and the wind was blowing. We went out to take a picture, but that was all. Fortunately, Poppy and Lisee had just bought her a snow suit, so she was ready to go.
We also went Christmas shopping and wrapped a bunch of gifts this weekend. Our best Christmas present this year, though, has to be our sweet little girl!

Dressed in her Christmas present outfit that Poppy got her. So cute!

Uncle Skip got stranded in Herndon with us last night. It was lots of fun to play with him this morning.

Fun in the snow!

This was Saturday. Not a very happy face.

The walkway to our condo

Steven's jeep...he had already cleared most of the snow off. Thank goodness for the Jeep!

My car. It was so covered, you could barely see it.

Having fun looking out the window at the snow with Daddy.

Outside on the porch for the first snow of the year.
She loved looking out the window at the snow when she was in her highchair.

Sitting by the fire, looking at the stockings, and waiting for Christmas day!

Friday, December 4, 2009

6 Months Old!!

I can't believe our sweet little girl is already 6months old!! The time has really flown by. Adelyn has been developing well, and as her Dad and Uncle Skip would say, is a lot more fun b/c she actually plays with you. She is sitting well and loves reaching for whatever is around her. She babbles a lot and does this soft singsong noise that is precious. She has not developed stranger anxiety yet, but she certainly has started to develop separation anxiety, especially in the afternoons. If I leave the room, I often hear a loud wail from the room she was in. The problem is accentuated by the fact that her two bottom, front teeth came in this week. She is generally pretty happy, though, but evening times can be a little difficult, especially if I need to get anything done. Thanks goodness for Praise Baby and good teething toys!
We went to her 6month check up today, and she weighs 14lbs 4oz and is 25in long. She is in the 25th % for both weight and height, and, as the doctor says, is just petite. (which is evidenced by the fact she still wears some of her 3month clothes). Everything checked out well and she didn't even seem to be bothered too much by the shots. Fortunately, she was able to get both her H1N1 and seasonal flu shots since she is 6months old.
I just started Adelyn on solids this week and was putting it off b/c it was just more convienient to stick with nursing her. She has taken to the rice cereal pretty well, and I am excited to introduce sweet potatoes soon.
We adore our little girl!

Looking at the Christmas tree with Lisee. She was helping put the ornaments on...or take them off...

Silver Bell

She loves grabing her toes, which can by nice when I am changing her dirty diaper.

Getting ready for Lunch

Such a happy eater

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


We had a wonderful Thanksgiving this year with both the Lucks and the Woods. We spent Wednesday and Thursday with the Lucks, and Friday and Saturday with the Woods. It was great to have so much time with both families. It was also a lot of fun having the babies together. Rob and Adelyn played a lot together, and Kate and Adelyn got some adorable Christmas pictures together. We are looking forward to having more time with all of the family again for Christmas! It is going to be so much fun this year!!

Post Thanksgiving meal at the Lucks...I guess everyone enjoyed the turkey :)

Riding with Pop Rock on his new lawn mower
Playing with Rob. They both chewed on everything!

Bouncing with Rob...or Rob bouncing and Adelyn twirling (She's not the bouncer)
Hanging out with Will after the Thanksgiving meal.
Great Grandma and Pop Luck...the babies name sakes :)

Bath time with the babes!

Playing on the floor with Great Grandmother and Pop Carlton.

Getting ready for the Virginia Football game...well, at least they looked cute.
Trying to steal Poppy's beer bottle. She likes to chew on the cold bottle b/c she is teething. It was hilarious watching her try to grab it out of his mouth! (don't worry...Poppy won :) )
Adelyn and her Wood uncles

Trying to get Kate and Adelyn to smile...maybe too much stimulation?
"What are those crazy people doing, Adelyn." "I don't know, Kate. They do that every time those bright lights'll get used to it. Are we really related to those people?"

Family Christmas Picture!





Hope you had a wonderful 21st Birthday and enjoyed your limo ride! We love you!!!