Sunday, October 23, 2011

Weekend at Grami and Pop's House

This weekend, Adelyn and Braden spent the weekend at Grami and Pop Rock's house, while I got to go to Julie Dilworth's wedding in Knoxville, TN.  I had a lot of fun on my baby free weekend, hanging out with my girlfriends from college (poor Steven had to work), but I think the kids also had lots of fun with Grami, Pop Rock, Aunt Catherine, and their Cousins, who also stayed the night on Friday.  They had a big sleep over, lots of play time, and even got to go the the UVA football game all dressed in their orange and blue.  I think everyone had a wonderful weekend!
Grami and her 4 grandkids.  She is one brave woman! 

Pop arrived late Friday night (around 3am) and awoke to this sweet sleeping in for him!  (Joshua was not so sure of everything...sweet boy )
The babies (who look so much alike, I think.  It is like having Robert and Steven as babies.)  Joshua is going to catch up to Braden soon, I think!

Adelyn loves her cousin Joshua

This girl can eat!

Steven helped out after he got off work.  I'm sure he had fun reading to the big kids, but he also love calming his baby nephew, Joshua, and putting him to bed on Friday night.

Braden was apparently very interested in Joshua.  He and Adelyn are equally obsessed with him, I guess

Braden is almost crawling!

Tub time!

Getting ready for the cute are they!

Fun at the game (for the kids at least :) )

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Braden 6 Months!

My sweet boy turned 6 months old!  He is such a joy, and while 5-7pm are not his best time of day, most of the day he is happy, and smiley, and easily entertained.  He is well loved by his big sister, who often picks him up onto her lap and is constantly saying, "I want my Braden!  Can I have my Braden, Mommy."  He loves putting everything (literally) in his mouth, and he is also loves to be heard.  He has found his voice and likes to grunt loudly, especially in the car.  Last week, I was driving the two kiddos home and Braden started saying "Bah!" loudly.  Then Addie said, "Shhh, Braden" which Braden welcomed as an invitation to yell louder.  So my entire ride home was filled with Braden yelling "Bah" and Adelyn responding with, "SHH Braden."  I didn't know whether to laugh or go crazy...I had to laugh!

He has been doing a great job sitting up, going from laying to sitting, and just moving all around.  This stage is wonderful because he can entertain himself so much better.  He is much happier sitting.  And, I am grateful he is not crawling yet!

This sweet boy is so smiley.  I just love it!

The beginning of the end for the 6 month sign... 

The sign did not make it through the photoshoot...oh well.

Apple Picking and Brush Fire

Last Friday, Adelyn, Braden, Lisee, and I went Apple picking at Charter's mountain.  It was lots of fun, and we enjoyed the warm weather, beautiful views, and delicious apples.  When we first got there, I was planning on getting lunch, but unfortunately they do not serve lunch on weekdays, so we settled on donuts and apple cider.  (What 2 year old wouldn't just love that for lunch!)  Adelyn thoroughly enjoyed this lunch, and while sitting on a bench, looking out over the mountain, and shoving her face with donuts, we heard her say, "THIS is Apple picking!" with such enthusiasm in her voice that we about peed our pants.  It was hilarious!  She had discovered that apple picking was eating donuts and drinking cider, and she would have been happy if it stopped there.  Of course, when we started the actual apple picking, the apples were too high, sun too hot, and hills to steep.  My little girl is ALL girl, and I love her for it (even though I was the biggest tom boy there was growing up!)        

Clearly she did a lot of eating!  That apple looks bigger than her tiny head :)

and more eating...

riding in the cart "agether" (as addie likes to say)
my smiley boy :)  He has loved the apples!  They made great applesauce!

Onto other fun happenings... 

We have been very busy during our weeks with playgroup and Addie's preschool coop.  This week Adelyn pulled out her UVA cheerleaders poster by herself so that she could show her friends her Uncle Will.  She is so proud!  
Braden has enjoyed having playgroup at our house, too.  Not only is he incredible well loved by all the girls, he also gets styled well by them!

Over the past few weeks we have had several bonfires, an attempt to get rid of a large brush pile that was left for us by the people who used to own our house.  Braden loves sitting out by the fire and watching Daddy work.  He is going to be a great helper when he gets older!
Thanks Auntie Megan for my hat!!!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Fun with Siblings

So, I am just loving this faze with Addie and Braden b/c they are really interacting a lot together and enjoying one another.  Adelyn tries to "pick up" Braden all the time and then roll around with him, kissing him and saying, "you're a handsome boy, you're so sweet, I love you Braden."  Braden is learning to be tough as his sister smothers him, and Addie is learning to be sweet because Braden loves to pull her hair and grab her face.  Life with two continues to be very busy, but lots of fun, as Braden learns new tricks, like eating solids, sitting up well, and practicing crawling.  Adelyn surprises me every day with the things she has learned and the new songs she loves to sing (Like "Doe a Deer" from The sounds of Music...her new favorite.)   With all the busyness, I am constantly trying remember to stop and appreciate the gifts the Lord has given us.  I am very grateful for my job right now, because, although it takes me away from the kids and Steven which is no fun, the break away helps me to gain perspective.  And, we are, as always, grateful for our family who constantly help us and give us the little breaks away from the kids that are so necessary.  Here are some pics I took of the kids together.  

Crawling practice!  He started getting up on his hands and knees and rocking at around 5 months.  He is going to wear me out.  I would like him to wait until he is 12months to crawl...that would make my life a lot less hectic.  And I wouldn't have to baby proof as much.  Adelyn just never really "got into" things...Braden is going to tear the place apart when he can move, I think.  At least he's a happy baby!    

A few weeks ago, we all went to the Lawn to visit with Uncle Will, have lunch (at Take-it-Away of course), and enjoy a little sunshine.

Braden loves our stroller b/c he gets to sit up high in front.  Adelyn loves it b/c she gets to sit down low away from the sun.  These kids couldn't be more different when it comes to personality.