Friday, August 3, 2012

Some happenings in July

Lots of Princess time (princess books, stories, acting it out, must wear "twirly" dresses...where did she come from?  Not me, I was a major tomboy...oh I love my little princess.)

Lots of Pool Time (thanks to family and neighbors.  This is the Anderson's pool and we love it.  Adelyn is finally getting comfortable swimming by herself with her puddle jumpers on!)

Lots of Jeep Riding Time (unfortunately no longer in Daddy's Jeep b/c we sold it and he is back driving his old blue 4-Runner.  RIP Blue 4door Jeep, but thank you Lisee for providing a fun Jeep for the kids to ride in.)

Lots of Naked Time (and chalk drawing/eating)

Lots of Eating (even though he's still only in the 5th % for weight)

And lots of sibling Time (kissing, screaming, sharing, snagging, learning (not always a good thing...i.e. "MINE"), and loving)