Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Trip to Hilton Head

This weekend, Steven, Adelyn and I flew to Hilton Head to visit Adelyn's great grandparents, the Carltons. It was Adelyn's first time on an airplane, and she did surprisingly well. We had a long delay on the way out and ended up spending 2 extra hours in the plane waiting to take off. She slept for a lot of the flight, but when she wasn't sleeping, she was talking (loudly) and saying "hi" to everyone. (We are going to be working on our "inside voice" this week).
We had a wonderful time with Grandmother and Pop Carlton. I spent most of my time by the pool reading, while Adelyn played with her great grandparents. She loved playing with them, and Grandmother Carlton had the best selection of fruit, which is Adelyn's favorite! We are already planning out trip back!!

Adelyn's first flight!

Cool Dude

Playing with Pop Carlton...Adelyn loved playing with Pop!!

Eating her first creamsickle...

She ate the whole thing :)

Riding Ellie the elephant. Adelyn got to see lots of elephants at their house. She also learned to say "tick, tock" b/c Grandmother has lots of beautiful clocks.

Swimming with Dada..

and Grandmother...

and Pop!

Sitting by the pool with Grandmother, so much fun!

Looking at all the beautiful birds with Pop.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Weddings Galore!

During the week of Memorial Day, Steven and I got the privilege of attending 3 beautiful weddings. It is definitely a year of wedding for us, as we have already been to 5 this year and still have many more to come! Adelyn came to Clark and Jennifer Walker's wedding, but she got to play with Grami and Pop during Virginia and Randy's wedding and with Naoh Rathbone during Tyler and Ashley's wedding. Adelyn did really well being away from me so much, and she also enjoyed listening to all the fun music at Clark and Jennifer's wedding. Here are some fun pics from all the different events. (Thank you to Virginia's photographer, Stu Scott, and Erik Kelly (for Ashley and Tyler's wedding) for the great pictures :) ).

Virginia and Randy Strunk

Some of the bridesmaids at the photo booth. Lots of fun!

Clark and Jennifer Walker
Steven loved talking with his highschool buddy, Daniel Marotta at the wedding.
Adelyn and Uncle Will

Tyler and Ashley Tuite

Adelyn had fun watching the beautiful bride and all her bridesmaids get ready. (That is Noah and I in the background snuggling)