Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Braden's Baptism and Birthday Party

On Sunday, Braden was baptized and we celebrated his 1st birthday with lots of family. He was quite the little ham up on stage, pointing to everyone in the congregation, saying "dada", and screaming.  He, and one of the other little boys who was being baptized and was singing, both received lots of laughs from the congregation.  Braden is so full of life and energy, and you could definitely tell he enjoyed the lime light!  After his baptism, he fell asleep on the way home to his birthday party, so he missed the first half of it, but it was OK b/c he was well rested and ready for cake when he woke up!  It was so much fun to have all the family together, and all of the cousins loved playing together.  We are so blessed to have such wonderful, supportive family.

pointing, of course

his birthday table and banner, ready to go for the little man who was sleeping :)

I did a nautical themed birthday.  Not that a 1 year old needs a theme for his birthday, but I had fun with it, and it allowed me to get out some of my creative energy. 
I enjoyed making the cake, although I stayed up until 2 am making....not a good idea

Braden month by month
some of the decorations from his room and his birthday cards

Pop Rock and Joshua who is almost 9 months old!

Nate and Anna Kate, our future in laws (they are due with a little girl in May, and as far as I'm concerned, our children are already betrothed)

Aunt Claire and cousin Caroline

Adelyn meeting Caroline for the first time

Braden with Poppy after he finally woke up from his nap.  Sleepy boy!

The Wood cousins

He loved his birthday cake...
 but... (and this is for you DeeDee)...

He preferred his blueberries and strawberries. :)

Great Grandmother Nana and Caroline

Opening presents, and Yes, Aunt Ashley MADE that outfit!

All the Luck cousins

Braden orchestrating "Happy Birthday"

Man, that was a long day, but sure was fun!!!