Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Addie Turned 2 y.o. and Braden Turned 2 months old!

Last Thursday our precious girl turned 2y.o.! I can't believe how quickly the time has flown by. It has truly been an honor to be this little girl's mom and to watch her grow. She has lots of spunk and personality, but she is also very sweet. She loves her family well (including all of her extended family) and she loves to give hugs and kisses (most of the time). She also loves to tell me what to do, and usually will listen if I tell her what to do. The things that come out of her mouth are typically hilarious and sometimes I wonder where she gets them from. Here are some examples:
- In the car with Skip today, after he puts her seat belt on and sat next to her: "Buckle up skip"
- while putting on her shoes. "I'm putting my shoes on and going to go for a run" - I don't run, never said that, have no idea where she got that from.
- One of my favorites: while intently watching Ashley put on make-up one morning she said "Ashwee, you're beautiful." Melt my heart! Then later on, she was watching me get ready for church and said, "Mommy, your beautiful." "Thank you," I said, and then turned to her to tell her she is beautiful too, but instead I see her with hands raised in the air, fingers pointing to herself and she said, "Addie's beautiful too, Mommy." Yes my sweet girl, you are beautiful!
~the list could go on and on, and her crazy words make my days a lot more fun.

On the 29th we had a small family birthday for her. That was the day Braden also turned 2months old, so there was lots to celebrate. Here are some pictures from the party. On her actual birthday, we went to Skips graduation, so I will post pictures from that later.

"I'm two!"

Sweet face

Daddy at the grill

Cuddling with Braden

The Cake. (this was my second attempt b/c the first time I tried I put 3/4 lb of butter in instead of 3/4 cup....whoops! It was late at night....)

I know I taught her better manners than that!!

Ahh....maybe not....

When you ask her how old she is, she points her two pointer fingers and says, "I'm 2!" It's cute!

Our neighbors Pete and Rachel came to join us with their son Owen who is 10 days older than Braden. The boys already love playing on their mats together. They are going to be best buds!

This girl LOVES watermelon!

Opening presents with Sam,

And Grami.

After everyone ate, it was time to go inside and open more presents. Adelyn got this wonderful kitchen from Lisee, Poppy, DeeDee and Sam! She loves it.

To go with the kitchen theme, I bought us matching aprons. She wore hers all day yesterday!

Listening to her precious book with Grandpa Sam. My mom, dad, Skip, Ashley, Sam and Dee all recorded their voices to her in a book. It brings tears to my eyes when I hear it b/c it is so sweet.

She also got this tunnel from Grami and Pop that is so much fun and literally entertained her for 1hr on Monday! I love that kind of toy!!

4 Generations!

Addie loves her Uncle Skip!

And we of course have to celebrate our sweet Braden turning 2 months old!
This precious boy is all smiles these days, and he especially loves smiling at his Daddy. It is fun to see his personality evolve, and while he is still not a great sleeper, he is fabulous at snuggling. He is really starting to fill out and I love kissing his chunky cheeks!

Staring at Great Grandma DeeDee

Sweet boy!

Cuddles from Addie

Braden with DeeDee and Sam

Playing on the mat with Addie

All smiles for Daddy

Thursday, May 19, 2011

More Beach Pics

Beach Babe

Adelyn and Aunt Catherine

My smiley boy hanging out in his stroller (where he spends most of his time at the beach)

Addie and Robert doing yoga on Aunt Lauren's mat together (or "a gether" as Adelyn likes to say)

Kisses from Pop

Playing on his mat

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

We're at the Beach!!

We're at the Beach, and having lots of fun...more pics to come!

Playing in the sand with Daddy

Reading with Julia

Braden and Pop

My sleepy boy

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Week 5 and Catching B bugs

Braden turned 5 weeks old this week and he went to his 1 month apt yesterday. He is now 9lb 1oz and 21.5in long, which means he has jumped percentiles in both weight and height, and we can tell! His tiny face is starting to fill out, and he is getting precious, full cheeks :) I love it!

And, are you curious what Adelyn is doing in this picture. I bet you can't guess it...cathing stink bugs! Yes, that is right, she is pretending to catching stink bugs in a cup with a spoon b/c that is a daily ritual in our house. Steven and I get our cup of water and soap and catch the hundreds of stink bugs crawling around our house. Now, Adelyn asks for her cup (with pretend water and soap, of course), and walks around and pretends to catch skink bugs...which she calls "B" bugs. And, I know, everyone has stink bugs, but we have hundreds of them, and I would pay a million bucks for someone to find a way to get rid of them. In the mean time, my sweet Addie has learned a new game of "B bug" catching!