Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Bath Time

Bath time is Adelyn's favorite time of day. (Her least favorite time of day definitely has to be when her Daddy leaves for work. This week she has cried every morning when he has left. It is so sweet.) What she really loves is looking at herself in the mirror while the tub is being filled. I think the reason she loved other babies so much is because she sees herself in the mirror and gets such a wonderful response from "the baby in the mirror". We thought you might enjoy a little video of our bath time prep ;)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Some Random Pics

Her are a random assortment of pictures from February:

Today, Adelyn had a play date with Luke, Sarah's nephew (Sarah was Ashley's roommate in Africa, who is now back in the US and lives about 5minutes from us. It is great hanging out with her, and she is a wonderful babysitter too! Adelyn loves her!)

Adelyn kept trying to take his paci away from him.

Watching the Super Bowl (Wearing her outfit that says "cool like Dad")

Adelyn is quite petite, and she is wearing a 3month dress in this picture...she is almost 9 months.

Poppy and Lisee came to visit last friday and Adelyn loved playing with them. She was in such a great mood all day long.
Lisee took some pictures of her, and she really wanted to see them.
Adelyn is pulling up on everything now. This is her on our kitchen chairs, wearing her Valentine's Day outfit.

Drinking from her tea cup that Auntie Catherine gave her.

Adelyn loves reading. In this picture, she was reading the book from her Great Grandparents, the Carltons.

Adelyn also loves eating bread. I think she would only eat bread if I let her.

I have had a lot of time in doors b/c of all this snow, and I decided to use the Joy of Cooking that Robby and Claire gave me for my birthday and learn how to bake bread. I was inspired by Ashley when she came back from Africa and made everything from scratch. I am no Ashley, but I have really enjoyed learning how to bake breads. This was my first attempt at rolls. They were pretty tasty, and of course, Adelyn really liked them.

Adelyn loves eating things out of that mesh bag. Recently I have been putting avocado in it and I think she would eat an entire avocado if I let her.

Adleyn is wearing and outfit from her great grandparents, Sam and Dee. She is also playing with her favorite toy right now, her musical table. She got it from Pop Rock and Grami, and she loves walking around it and listening to all the music.

Sunday, February 7, 2010


I thought that 18inches of snow was a crazy amount to get back in December. But for this snow storm we totalled 32inches!!!! I can hardly believe it, but it is certainly a winter wonderland out there. We have had so much fun watching it all fall from the sky, although, I am not sure that Steven would consider shoveling out 3 cars (he shoveled out our neighbors car as well) buried in over 2 feet of snow "fun". He did a great job, though, and Steven at least will be able to drive tomorrow. I don't think I will be taking my car out for a drive for awhile, though, b/c the roads are still not great. I imagine that the sunny days and cold nights will make for some very icy driving conditions!

Adelyn was reading the newspaper last Sunday and was informing us of the big storm coming.

Look how deep that snow is! And that isn't even in the deepest points.

Our little snow bunny!

Adelyn like to stand at our balcony door and look out at the snow as it was falling. It is so beautiful!

Though, she was not so sure about being out in the snow when it was coming down hard. We didn't keep her out long; just enough to take a pictures :)

On Sunday, we walked over to Harris Teeter to get some milk and other essentials (like tortilla chips, and rice crispies to make treats for the super bowl.) It was very sunny, so Daddy shared his sunglasses with Adelyn. That is one cool bunny.

Guess what is under that mound of snow? My car!!

Sadly, a huge tree fell on two of the cars parked next to mine. (Yes, that is actually a car under that tree.) I was very fortunate that mine didn't get hit.

This is our walkway on Friday night. Saturday morning it was barely passable, but fortunately the HOA has done a wonderful job of getting a crew in to clear the walkways.

I was supposed to go visit the Rathbones on Friday and stay until Saturday morning, but when I woke up on Wednesday morning and heard that we could get a few feet of snow on Friday and Saturday, Steven and I both decided it would be best if I didn't travel over the weekend. Fortunately, the Rathbones are very flexible, so Adelyn and I hopped in the car on Wednesday morning and took our trip to Williamsburg a few days early. It was lots of fun to hang out with Noah again, and Adelyn loved playing with all the new toys.

Noah loves books and he was really good about sharing his mommy's laps so Adelyn could enjoy the books as well.

Ashley Lawson came to hang out a few weeks back, and Adelyn shared her Puffs with her. It was lots of fun to have her come visit!

Monday, February 1, 2010


I really am not a fan of teething. I don't think any mother is, and now I know why. My once sweet, relatively even tempered child, now has random bouts of fussiness, is refusing to eat solid food, and is waking me up in the middle of the night. We have been blessed with a good sleeper, so these midnight wake up calls are really throwing me off! Also, the refusal to eat is so bizarre. Anytime I bring a spoon near her mouth, she whines and throws her head to the side with jaw clenched shut. At first I thought she was being picky about the food I was feeding her, but then I read that teething can cause them to lose their appetites. She got her two bottom middle teeth back in December, but we hadn't really started solids yet, so I didn't think much of it. The top two seem to be much more difficult to for her to handle. The one on the left broke through on Friday, and I actually saw a marked improvement in her demeanor that day, but now the right one is trying to push through, and she is clearly not enjoying it. I gave her one of those mesh bags that you can put frozen fruit in so that she could teeth on that, and it was hilarious. At first she had no idea what to do with it, and she made faces every time she got a taste of the frozen banana, but then she realized she likes the taste so she started sucking the mushed, half frozen banana out of the mesh. Not really helping with teething, but at least getting her to eat something, I guess. She is still our sweet little girl, and for the most part is still behaving fine, but I will be very happy once that middle tooth breaks through!!! (Oh, but there are so many more to come in....oh well)
On another note, Adelyn has perfected sitting from a crawling or laying down position and is now pulling up on everything, so that makes nap times much more interesting. We have a video monitor, so it is hilarious to watch her play in her crib before she falls asleep. She sits up, lays down, sits up again, tries to pull herself up to a standing position, lays back down, sits up and plays with her giraffe, and so on. This can go on forever and is really funny to watch. So much for nap time, though. (She actually does finally go to sleep, but it is typically 20-30mins after I put her down for her usual nap time.)
We have also been going on a lot more play dates, which is always fun. She seems a lot happier when she gets to play with other kids, and, as Abbie South pointed out, she might be an extrovert and just need that time with other people. I guess we'll find that out later, but in the mean time, the play dates are definitely keeping us both much more sane! And, to continue with her tradition of play dates, they have all been with boys. She even plays with a little boy at my mom's bible study even though there are lots of other kids there. Will she ever have girl friends? out daddy...Thank goodness for Cousin Kate and June Coleman!!!