Thursday, January 28, 2010

Baby June

Last Tuesday, Ashley, Adelyn and I went to visit baby June and Melissa in Harrisonburg. It was great to hold her, and she seemed so small compared to Adelyn. It is amazing how fast they grow! June is absolutely precious, and Melissa looks amazing!

"Hey Mom, why are you holding her?"

Adelyn decided that she wanted to take June's paci...whoops!

Ashley and sweet baby June

Julia Rice (Melissa's sister) came by for a little while too.

"Hi Mom. Can I go to Africa with Auntie Ashley? I'm packed and ready."

"Hey Maizey, do you want to come too?"

Monday, January 25, 2010

Bye bye Auntie Ashley

Auntie Ashley left for Africa today, and we are all very sad. Adelyn had gotten pretty attached to her and would cry when she left the room. Ashley even taught Adelyn to sing (she will now sing with you if you is so funny). It is going to be a sad 4months for us!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Happy Early Birthday Allison

On Saturday, Shannon and Hatch Reppard hosted a surprise early birthday party for our dear friend Allison Hudson in Richmond. It was so much fun to see her and celebrate her birthday. It was also great to get to play with the Reppard boys, Will and Hudson, and with cousin Kate. All the babies were precious, and it was great to have time with Allison, the Reppards, and several members of the Wood family.

Happy Birthday Allison

Allison and the two girls.

Adelyn and her new boyfriend, Will Reppard.

Uncle Robby, Will, and Hatch Reppard

Allison with the two cutest, big cheeked babies ever

Allison and her babes! Total chaos and so much fun!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


With all the holiday posts, I forgot to mention that Adelyn learned to crawl last week. She has been scooching on her tummy for awhile, but she finally figured out how to actually crawl. We were excited to see her do it, but I don't think I was prepared for what that meant for me. The other day, I left her on the floor for 30 seconds and came back and she had crawled under the futon. Whoops! Baby gates, bumpers, socket covers here we come!!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Christmas #2 - The Woods

Christmas with the Woods was on Christmas day. We spent the Christmas Eve and morning with the entire Wood family and then had dinner with the whole McNerney family, most of the Wood family, and the Dean family. Adelyn had fun playing with the boys, although, they did gang up on her at one point...Steven was not so sure what to think about that :)

Doing the "Addie Dance"

Two little matching elves under the tree

Adelyn loves her Uncle Skip

Great Grandma Nana had Christmas with us, which was lots of fun!

Do you think she loves her new toy?

Playing with Ashley

Trying out Dad's new backpack carrier

2 new baby, though

All dressed up for Christmas dinner (the dress was a little big on her)

Adelyn wasn't so sure of Jonathan when he was playing with her ear.

The boys were fighting over cute!

Playing with the Christmas toys

Stephanie McNerney, Erin Ingraham, and Auntie Ashley.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Christmas #1 - The Lucks

This year for Christmas we spent Christmas Eve at the Lucks (1st Christmas) and just pretended like it was Christmas day. Then we spent Christmas day with the Wood family (2nd Christmas). Finally, we spent the 26th with Steven's Grandparents, the Lucks (3rd Christmas). It was lots of fun, and I especially loved bringing all the toys back to Christmas morning.

Sledding with Daddy

Rob and Adelyn on sleds for the first time. Of course their daddies had to take them out...their mommies on the other hand.....

"Come on Grammy, hurry, we're ready for our bath!"

Christmas morning! (well, really Christmas Eve morning, but for us it was our first Christmas morning). "Wake up Uncle Will, it is time to open presents!"

Playing with Pop Rock. All in their Christmas red.

Santa Babies!

Adelyn loved tearing the paper off her presents (and then eating it of course)

UVA Men's Soccer won the National Championship this year!!!

Looks like he is going to give her a hug but.....
Not so sure about sharing Pop Rock's lap.

Yay Uncle Will!!

Adelyn loves her Auntie Catherine.

How cute are they!

The best present Steven and I got this year.

Not sure if that is where that basket is supposed to go....

Crashing after a busy Christmas morning

Happy New Years

For New Years my family went to Whalehead on the outer banks. We stayed in a beach house and enjoyed the peace and quite after all the craziness of Christmas. It was great having everyone together. Adelyn especially loved all the attention.

I think she is laughing at Ashley in this picture and saying "Dada Gaga" which she says all the time now.

Obviously reading with Uncle Rudy is lots of fun.

He was teaching her Spanish!

Auntie Veronica was lots of fun.

Ready to go on a beach walk with Poppy

Ahh....the beach

Adelyn loved riding in the new pack she got from Poppy and Lisee for Christmas. She was higher than everyone b/c she was on Uncle Skip's back .

Goofing around with Uncle Skip, as always

Sitting with Poppy

Lots of love from Uncle Robby and Aunt Claire

Adelyn was not happy about the bath. Look how good Kate is being.

Bath time wasn't so bad

Playing Mario Cart with Daddy

The girls dressed up for New Years Eve...and holding cute!

YAY!!!! Ashley is home!!!!