Thursday, April 30, 2009

Family Time

I had a baby shower this weekend, which was a lot of fun, but one of the best parts of the weekend was being able to spend time with my whole family. It was the last time I got to spend with my whole family before the baby comes. I was so glad that everyone could be together. Even Dee and Sam were able to make it for the weekend.

This is the one picture I have of everyone where Claire isn't laughing hysterically. She got tickled about something during the photo shoot and just couldn't stop laughing. Of course, everyone joined in with her. It was hilarious.

All the beautiful ladies. There are actually 8 total, since Claire and I are both having girls :)

Skip was a little surprised by how large my stomach has gotten.

Ashley is home!! It has been so nice having her back in the USA. It was quite a change from when she saw me last!

Michael is quite the stud. He was showing off his lacross skills after the baby shower.

The two baby bumps! This will probably be the last pregnancy picture we have together. Crazy!!

Visit with Little Robert

We went to Charlottesville this past weekend and got to spend some time with little Robert Luck and the new mommy and daddy. Steven and I had so much fun visiting with them. He is so precious!

Steven and Robert were checking to make sure the little guy didn't blow through his diaper.

Robert was wondering if it were possible to swaddle and adult, so of course, they tried. It was a success!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Robert Miltz Luck IV

Our precious nephew was born on April 14th at 1224pm, weighing 6lbs, 11oz. His name is Robert Miltz Luck IV, and he was born to Robert and Lauren Luck. Steven and I got a phone call on Tuesday morning from Bob Luck saying that Lauren was in the hospital, and so all day we anxiously awaited the next phone call saying he was born. We couldn't wait to go see him, so after work, Steven and I drove to Charlottesville. He is absolutely adorible, and we just can't wait to go back and see him again!

Our sweet nephew! We are totally obsessed!

The proud grandparents.

The new family. Lauren looks absolutely incredible, especially for justing having a baby.

Steven had so much fun holding his new nephew. He loves being an uncle!

Robert was teaching William and Steven how to change a diaper correctly. He did a great job. Thanks Robert!

Easter Weekend

This was my first Easter that I did not work since Steven and I got married, and I was blessed to be able to spend it with the whole Luck family and my parents. We went down on Friday and stayed with the Lucks for the weekend. The entire Luck family was around, and it was great to be with everyone. On Saturday, I spent some time with my mom and dad in the morning, and then Catherine, Lauren, and I all went and got pedicures in the afternoon. There is not much better than having someone message your feet when you are pregnant!

On Sunday, we went to early service at Trinity, and then went to brunch at the Omni with the whole Luck gang and my parents. It was a large buffet, and the food was truly amazing!! We got lots of great pictures, which will be a lot of fun to look back on because it was the last time all the Lucks were together before little Robert was born. I feel so blessed that we had that weekend all together.

Steven and I don't have a lot of pictures together with me pregnant, so I was happy that we were able to get these. Don't we look so nice, matching with our yellow :)

All of the Lucks. This is the last pictures we have of everyone together before the birth of little Robert. Crazy!!

I am so glad my parents were able to have brunch with us as well.

This is the last pregnancy picture we will have together. It is crazy to think that this was taken only 2 days before the arrival of little Robert!

Quite a big bump!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Fun in Sarasota

In March, my mom and I went to Florida to visit my grandparents Dee and Sam. It was a such a wonderful trip and so relaxing. We got to spend a lot of time in the fabulous Sarasota sunshine, and I came away from the trip feeling very rested and ready to tackle the last few months of the pregnancy. I also really enjoyed spending time with Dee and Sam, who I hadn't seen in a year! It had been way too long. Here are some pictures from the trip.

Mom, Dee, and I all went to an Opera. It was such a wonderful experience. Definitely a once in a life time event!

All 3 of us wore black and white to the Opera. Great minds think alike!

Dee, Mom, and I went on walks almost every morning. Walking around Sarasota is so much more relaxing and pleasant than walking around Northern Va, especially because it was so sunny there, and we were walking down by the water. Ahh, I miss that.

Dee and Sam treated us to many dinners out. Here, I am headed to the Club. I much prefer wearing pregnancy clothes for warm weather than for cold weather. They are just a lot more fun and colorful!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Passing Out and Passing

One thing a I think a pregnant woman should never have to do is fast. Unfortunately, there is one instance where you are required to do so, and that is if you fail your one hour glucose test (to see if you have gestational diabetes). Somehow, I managed to fail this test, which meant I had to take a 3 hour GTT (glucose tolerance test) for which one has to fast for 12hour prior to taking the test. Then you have to go to a lab where they take your blood, then make you drink a highly concentrated glucose drink (it tasted like concetrated orange soda). Then, you sit around in the lab, and every hour, for 3 hours, they take your blood...or that is what is supposed to happen.
As you all might have read earlier in my blog, I don't do well when I haven't eaten anything or been able to drink much. Early in the pregnancy, I passed out because I had been throwing up so much that I got too dehydrated. Well, this was the case with the 3 hr GTT.
I went to the lab early Tuesday morning, tired, nauseous, thirsty, and very hungry. After they took my blood, I gulped down the orange nastiness, and awaited my 2nd blood draw. I had brought books to read, and thank you cards to write while I was there because 3 hours is a long time, but unfortunately, little reading or thanking was accomplished. After about 30mins into my first hour, I started feeling tired and then jittery. I managed to make it through the first hour with little problems, although I couldn't conentrate on anything. Then, during my second hour, I started to feel even more dizzy and nauseous, and proceeded to throw up. I put cold water on my neck and forehead, and paced around and tried to aviod hitting the floor, which I did so successfuly and made it to my 2nd hour. The third hour did not go as well. About 20mins into my 3rd hour, I realized I was not going to make it. I tried any possible remedy to prevent from passing out, but realized nothing was working. Knowing what was about to happen, I walked back to the lab technician and told him I was about to pass out. He said, "Oh, are you feeling a little dizzy", to which I responded, "No, I am going to pass out now". I sat in a chair, and proceeded to do just that. I was only out a few seconds, and fortunately, I sat down fast enough that I did not hit the floor. The lab techs held me in the chair until I was stable enough to walk to a stretcher and lay down. I felt much better after about 10mins, and fortunately, they were able to do my finaly blood draw so that I would not have to repeat the test. I think I scared the lab tech to death, though.
I felt much better after I left, though, and took a nice nap that morning when I got home. I had predicted that I was going to pass out, and low and behold, I was right. Fortunately, after all that excitment, I passed my test and do not have gestational diabetes. Hooray!! I hope that next pregnancy I will pass the one hour test, because I will certainly not be doing that all over again!!