Thursday, December 15, 2011

We've Been Busy

Sorry I have been so bad about updating the blog, but we've been busy.  We have about 10 house projects going on right now, on top of it being the holidays, Braden having a head to toe rash, and our already busy schedule...So, blogging has not been my top priority.  Here's a glimpse at what we have been doing.

Steven has been patching the holes that have been in our ceiling for about 6 months from our plumbing being will be painting the kitchen cabinets...thank goodness Ashley has a few weeks off from school!
Replacing the faucet in the sink, with Adelyn's help (?), of course

Playgroup, playdates, trips to the Richmond discovery museum, and preschool coop are all keeping this girl busy! 

Adelyn loves her friends, Kinley and Lilly Kate 
I imagine we will be seeing that face a lot from Adelyn in the future...she's either mad that I'm taking her picture or that her little brother is trying to play with her friends...who knows!

Braden has been eating a whole lot, only, it's not always stuff he should be eating.  Either that nuts or mac and cheese he's found on the floor, the napkins in the cabinet, or something he actually should be eating is causing a head to toe rash.  We have cut out all solids except sweet potatoes and avocado (and are being more careful about sweeping and vacuuming.)  We have also washed all of his clothes b/c it might be the detergent I have been using...who knows.  Sweet boy looks miserable, though.  We took him to the doctor today and they definitely think it is related to a food or environmental sensitivity. 
My pile of baby boys clothes I am fun.
And my little project for our mantle.  Still in progress, but OK for now.