Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Fun with Cousin Rob

Two weeks ago, cousin Rob spent a few days with us. It was lots of fun, and Addie loved having play time with Rob every day. My favorite part of the weekend was that Adelyn and Rob would hug each other and give high fives...so sweet!!!

Future Wahoos!!!!

Sitting on Pop's lawn mower.

Playing on the trailer.

Rob loved pushing Adelyn in the stroller...hilarious!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Beach Week #2

During the second beach week, Steven, Adelyn, and I had lots of fun playing with the whole Luck family. Adelyn really enjoyed playing with Rob, and I enjoyed all the extra loving help again and getting to relax at the beach.

Here are some fun pics from that week.

We got caught in the rain one day while out on the beach. Rob and Addie actually loved playing in the rain.

Rob was just pulling Adelyn in the wagon, which became a favorite activity of the week.

Playing with Aunt Lauren

Being wheeled on the beach by daddy!

Reading with Pop

On Thursday, we went to Scoops to get ice cream. Addie and Rob loved it, of course.
Look how cute they are eating ice cream together!

Ice cream face!

Sharing with Daddy

Robert and Rob

These kids mooched from everyone :)

Thank goodness for a long bib!

oh, I love those sticky fingers on my face :)

Loving her daddy

The kids and their dads

Kisses from aunt Catherine


The oringinal 4 Luck kids.

Julia and Steven were pointing to a helicopter. Adelyn is pointing too, which has become one of her new favorite activities. Any time I get her out of bed, she immediately starts pointing to anything she sees and starts "talking" about it. It's really funny.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Catching up...Beach Trip #1

This summer Addie and I were fortunate to be able to spend 2 weeks at the beach! The first week was with the Woods and McNerneys. It was lots of fun for both me and Addie b/c Addie had plenty of little and big friends to entertain her. That being said, we both really did miss Steven/Daddy. Here are some fun pics from our 1st beach week.

The Lisas decided they didn't want to do the shopping this year so they left it up to the girls. It was fun to hold all that cash, but not as much fun to spend all of it on food.

Look at that sweet face :)

Swinging with Ash and Mommy

Love her!!

If you notice, Adelyn is not playing in the water table. Instead, she is using keys to try to unscrew all the screws. I think she has her daddy's engineering mind for sure!

Addie loved playing with her buddy, Turner.

All the kiddos feel in love with a little cubby under the TV...

It was so cute to watch them play in it together.

On the beach with her Ash.

Uncle Skip!

Addie really loved playing with Erin Ingraham. We are so sad she and Jonathan moved away from Charlottesville about the same time we moved back.

Addie and Poppy

Addie and Katherine McNerney...looks like someone was ready for nap time

Eating Os with E

All the kiddos on the coach! They are so cute!