Saturday, June 25, 2011

Father's Day

This Father's Day, Steven had to work on his "blitz" all day long, so Braden and I stopped by the job site to see how things were going. After that, we headed to watch the UVA baseball game at the Lucks and play with cousin Rob. We finished out the fun day at the pool where the Fathers finally showed up! My dad was out of town at a wedding that afternoon, but he was dearly missed. Adelyn did get to spend Friday and Saturday with him, though, so she was super happy!

At the job site. Braden was sleeping happily in the Moby wrap :) (btw, I got a massage from Mrs. Kluge while I was there. Not every day that you get a massage from a billionaire's wife!)

My dad and Braden (I had to get one of Poppy in here :) )

The whole Luck clan.

Daddy and his kiddos!

Driving Uncle Will's Jeep

Pop and Braden

The Dad's coming to see there kiddos at the pool...finally!

Adelyn reached for this ball and went face first into the water. I was taking the picture and then realized she was under water, swimming to try to get up, so I started yelling, "she's under, she's under" and aunt Catherine came to the rescue! Thanks Aunt're a great lifeguard!)

Braden was sad that Addie fell in :(

YAY UVA baseball (so sad they lost last night...both b/c they lost and I stayed up late to watch it)

Both of my kiddos looking up to their older cousin

More from the wedding weekend!


Tummy time in the airport.

We finally made it on the plane after 6hrs in the airport...Braden is clearly happy

At Animal Kingdom:
Watching the Lion King Show. Braden loved it until he got incredibly overstimulated and then started screaming. Fortunately it was so loud that you couldn't hear him cry.

on the safari ride

Her Minnie Mouse hat (I love it!)

Friday, June 17, 2011

Miles and Sarah's Wedding

Our friends, Miles and Sarah, got married last weekend. It was a beautiful wedding in Orlando, Fla, and our whole family got to go! Steven, Adelyn, Braden, and I flew down there on Thursday and back on Monday and it was a long and wonderful weekend. While the flights were HORRENDOUS, the time in Orlando was fun, and we loved spending time with friends. You would think that our travel was so horrible b/c of traveling with a 10week old and a 2 year old, but Oh no, it was the delays! We were supposed to arrive in Orlando at 9:30pm but instead, we got there at 1:00...what!!! A 2 year old staying up until 1:00am...yikes! Couldn't get worse, right? Well, on our trip home we were stuck in Charlotte for 6hrs! We were supposed to get home at 12:30pm and go to the amazing UVA baseball game, but instead, we got home at 7:00. Yes, I said 7:00pm. But the wedding was ABSOLUTELY worth it, and we were so excited to celebrate Sarah and Miles. Adelyn and Steven were honored to be a part of the wedding, and I even got to be the "oldest flower girl ever" as Steven said. (Adelyn walked 1/4th of the way down a VERY long isle and then decided she couldn't see any one she knew, the promise of candy wasn't good enough, and wasn't going to go any further, so I walked her the rest of the way down.) Adelyn was a precious flower girl, and I was so proud of how well she handled everything. (I was also proud of Steven, of course, for being a great groomsman :) ).
We also got to go to Animal Kingdom, and that was lots of fun. We got to see lots of fun animals, and go to a fabulous Lion King show.
Unfortunately, I forgot my bummer...but fortunately Anna Kate brought hers, so I was able to get a few pictures from the weekend. Enjoy!

The precious couple!

After the Wedding and waiting for the bus to the reception.
Waiting to walk down the isle. Her favorite place over the weekend was in Braden's car seat.

Playing with Nate.

Sweet Braden spent the whole weekend in my Moby wrap. Thank goodness for such a wonderful wrap!

She held her flower basket like a purse...while she was walking down the isle...precious!!

Practicing walking down the isle.

At the rehersal dinner...such a serious face Steven!

This is how Adelyn ate 90% of her meals...on the go...she is so flexible!

Swimming with Nate.

At Animal Kingdom. Look at that cute face! (My pictures of Braden wont load for some reason...forgive me...but he was precious as well)

Sleeping in the airport in Charlotte...on the floor...b/c she just finally lost it. It was about 3:00 and there was nothing else to entertain her. Steven and I were so grateful that she took a nap b/c it would have been a rough ride for everyone in the plane had she not. Fortunately, Braden slept beautifully in the Moby wrap.