Monday, April 26, 2010

11 months and Walking!

Adelyn is 11months old today. I can't believe that in only one month, she will be a year old! Crazy!!! For the past month, she has been taking a few steps here and there but not consistently. Yesterday we were all playing outside and for the first time she took several steps on her own and walked over to Steven (she refused to walk to me, though). Today, she did it again, although this time, she did walk to me, especially when I was eating raisins and she wanted some. She still is a bit timid, although very capable. I am very happy for her to be crawling and not walking with confidence b/c I don't think I am quite ready for a walking child. Fortunately this weekend there was a big consignment sale in Louden and I was able to buy 2 baby gates for a great price. I guess we are going to have to install them sooner rather than later. I also got some great dresses and adorable bathing suites for really cheap. I can't wait for summer and for our pool to open!

Last Thursday we said goodbye to Uncle Skip. He is in Ireland for the next month studying. It sounds like it is going to be awesome, although we will definitely miss him.

This past weekend Grami and Pop Rock came up to watch Adelyn so that we could go to Julie Andrukonis' wedding. It was a beautiful wedding and Julie looked gorgeous (as always). It was fun to see friends and to have a baby free nights. While at the reception, we did think of Adelyn, though b/c right now she is in love with dancing. She will purposefully press buttons on her toys in order to make them play songs so that she can dance to them. It is hilarious! I guess we are going to have to get this little girl into dance classes soon!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Aunt Catherine's visit

Two weeks ago, Auntie Catherine came to watch Adelyn so Steven and I could go to a wedding for one of Steven's colleagues. Adelyn loves her Aunt Catherine, and they had lots of fun. Before we left for the wedding, though, we all walked over to the park. Even Adelyn got to walk over by pushing her walker. It was lots of fun.

Teaching her how to drive already.

A little pep talk before going down the slide.

Weeeeee....Adelyn loves the slide!

Easter pics...late

I took some pictures for Easter, and completely forgot to post any of them. Here are some. Thank you Dottie Guthrie for the gorgeous Easter dress! You are amazing!!!!!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Trouble Maker....

As my dad would love to say..."this is what you get"

Our trouble maker likes to:

-play in the dirt

(she's coverred in mulch! I had to take her clothes of outside b/c it stuck)

-wear her food

-but not wear her bows...she sucks on them instead

-and last but certainly not least...CLIMB

(you might not be able to tell, but she is standing on top of a stool in this picture)
every time I turn around she is climbing on something new. Steven said that when he was watching her on Sunday, she tried to climb out of her play yard.

She also started shaking her head "no" when she is about to do something she knows she is not allowed to. The nice thing is, most of the time it keeps her from doing what she shouldn't (key words: most of the time...not always)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY ROB!!!!!!!!!!!

We love you!!!!
What an amazing year it has been!!!
We are so blessed to have you as our cousin and nephew.

in the hospital

first time the cousins met

first trip to c'ville together

first time at the river house

helping us move

Joe's Wedding
1st UVA football game
learning to crawl
Thanksgiving...first bath together

1st Christmas
1st overnight with Grami and Pop together
What a wonderful year of many fabulous "firsts" together!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Weekend

This past weekend, we went to Charlottesville to watch Steven run the Charlottesville 10miler and to celebrate Easter at the Lucks. We had lots of fun cheering for Daddy and Anna Kate, and Adelyn clapped the whole time (since my dad taught her how to do that last week...perfect timing Poppy!) and she even cheered at times. It was great to spend some time with the Lucks, although we did miss Robert, Lauren and Rob. I was so grateful for a beautiful weekend and several extra sets of hands to help care for Adelyn which allowed me to sit outside and enjoy the sunshine. I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend as well!

Loving on Grami at the race.

Clapping for Daddy

The cheering squad

Megan McPadden helped Adelyn cheer the racers on.
We even got to see Debi Prum, who was there in support of Anna Kate.
Fun with Pop Rock. "Mom, get this flower out of my face!"
Run Daddy Run!!! Steven finishing his first 10 mile race!
The Runners!

We ran into Meghan Streit and her family b/c her husband Greg was running the race. (he's the one in the middle in the picture above)

Adelyn looking at Dorry...she's not so sure about what her shirt says, though...

"My Dad is faster than your dad"

"I still love you Daddy"

"Hey everyone, look what my Daddy won!"

We're so proud!

loving on Aunt Catherine!

This picture looks familiar....

...this was from the River house last June!

Adelyn loved playing with the dogs. When she sees them she says, "woof".

I don't think Rugby was so sure about Adelyn steeling his ball, though.

On sunday we all sat outside for awhile. Adelyn and Will had fun playing on the blanket.

"Want some of my water, Uncle Will?"

He's so funny!

What a great weekend it was!