Tuesday, February 24, 2009

"Maternity" Clothes

So, I have decide that only buying maternity clothes while I am pregnant might be a waste of money, and in addition, is kind of limiting. Before I was pregnant, I thought that maternity clothes were so cute, but for some reason, now I am not loving them. I mean, some things are really adorable, but a lot of it is frumpy looking, or made for older/working moms, or is just ridiculously expensive (i.e. anything full priced at Pea in a Pod). Since I wear scrubs all day long, I don't need suits or nice dress up stuff, but I do need t-shirts and sweaters, and clothes to wear when I am hanging out with friends.
Well, after getting tired to looking at the same clothes at Target and appalled at the quality/style of clothes at motherhood maternity, I decide to venture outside of the normal pregnancy clothing hot spots.
Yesterday, Megan and I went to the Gap outlet in Alexandria where we both found lots of great shirts that were super cheap. Most of them worked great for me, even though I am 6 months pregnant, and the great thing about it is, they will still work when I am not pregnant. I also I have ventured into Forever 21 (yes, I am 25y.o., but who cares) and after sorting through their piles and piles and racks and racks of clothes, I found some great clothing items. It seems like the style these days is very maternity friendly. I found 2 great dresses that no one would ever know where not maternity. I know I am going to have to switch over to mostly maternity clothes my last month, but for now, I am enjoying not having to pick through the small maternity section.
Another things I discovered is that EBay is a great way to go for designed maternity jeans. I was getting sick and tired to wearing the same pair of jeans every day, but I was also not ready to pay $230 for a pair of 7 for all Mankind at Pea in a Pod. I had heard that EBay was a great way to go to get designed jeans for cheap, but I was a little frightened to go that route. Finally, after trying on a pair of jeans at Pea in a Pod, I got hooked and decided to venture out of my comfort zone (most who know me, know that I am NOT technologically savvy). My first attempt was a bust. I lost my bid in the LAST 3 SECONDS. It was so depressing. I sat and watched as I my bid still stood strong and then in the last 3 seconds someone out bid me and I could not put in a higher bid fast enough...sad. I almost gave up and was thinking about just buying the jeans at full price, but decided that I would stand by the motto, "if at first you don't succeed, try, try again." Well, I did try again, and this time, I was victorious. I set my maximum bid at a price I was willing to pay and low and behold a day later, I checked my email and saw that I had won!! I was at work when I found out, and almost started jumping up and down. I think my coworkers thought I was crazy. I just got them in the mail yesterday, and they are great. I would highly recommend going that route for anyone who really wants a pair of designer maternity jeans but isn't willing to pay full price. I would also recommend buying maternity designer jeans versus the regular designer jeans b/c that elastic band around the waste is far more forgiving than the tight zipper and button.
Anyway, that is a lot of rambling about maternity clothes, but I was so excited about my new discoveries, I had to share. I will post some pictures of my new "maternity" clothes soon.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Valentines Day

So, Valentines Day was on Saturday, but unfortunately I did not get to spend it with my hubby. Steven was in Colorado, hanging out with his college buddies. They were skiing (and snow boarding) at a ski resort in CO. He had a great time, although, he was pretty tired when he got home. Skiing takes a lot out of you, and unfortunately, he didn't have Presidents Day off.
I had a pretty good substitute Valentine because I went to Charlottesville and hung out with Skip, whose girlfriend, Anne Collier, was home in Atlanta. I also got to hang out with my parents, Robby and Claire, and Allison Hudson. It was a fun, relaxing weekend, and was great to catch up with everyone. We had fondue for dinner, which was so much fun, and much better than trying to find a table for 7 at a restaurant on V Day. .
Little Luck-on-the-way was quite the performer for everyone. She moved a lot and we could see her moving in my belly. She also kicked every one's hands, which was fun for most, but I am not sure what Skip thought about it. He was a little freaked out about the fact that she could kick him while inside me.
All in all, it was a wonderful weekend. although I did miss being with my true Valentine. Next year he will have 2 Valentines to buy for! Crazy!!

Friday, February 13, 2009

The Stone's

Please pray for the Stones. I mentioned them in an earlier blog post, and they are the family who just recently had twin boys. Sadly, Warren, the smaller of the twins, went to be with the Lord on Monday. The memorial service for him was yesterday. The doctors still don't know what has caused all the health problems in the twins, which is very frightening for Meade and Mary Elizabeth because they don't know what to expect with John. Pray for the Lord to perform a miracle in this little boy's life, and that he would comfort and provide hope for Meade and Mary Elizabeth. I just can't imagine.