Sunday, November 14, 2010

Another UVA game

Despite the Hoos poor performance, we continue to go to all of the games. Last night was the last home game and we managed to stay for the whole game. Adelyn and Rob did very well, but I think they were mostly interested in watching their Uncle Will cheer and eating all the fun snacks. Here are some pics of our little wahoo, who every time she sees anything that even resembles the shape of a "V" says, "UVA!"

Dressed in her UVA best and ready to go to the game with Auntie Ash

It may appear that they are watching the football game, but I am pretty sure they are watching Uncle Will do a cheer leading lift on the side line. Go Will!

Sitting with Daddy/Ucle "teev". If you notice, Steven can't take his eyes off the game even for a second :)

Aunt Ashley caught a football and gave it to Addie. She was holding on tight!

Watching the game with Pop. "Pop, don't let anyone steal my football."

Snuggling with Grami ("mimi") was cold!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween 2010

This Halloween, Steven, Adelyn and I went to the Lawn at UVA to "trick-or-treat" and show off her cute duckie costume. We had lots of fun seeing all the other kids dressed up in fun costumes as well. At one point, Adelyn saw a little boy dressed up in a dog costume and started yelling "puppy, puppy!" until he turned around at which time she got a very confused look on her face b/c she had never seen a puppy that looked like a little boy. It was hilarious! Here are some great pictures that Ashley took while we were there. There are a few of Kate Wood, Turner McNerney and few other play group friends. Enjoy!