Monday, September 10, 2012

Adelyn's 1st day of Preschool!!

Today, Adelyn attended her 1st day of preschool!  And you wanna know who cried about!  Who would have thought?!?  Last night, I just couldn't get over the thought of my baby (ok, she's 3, but she'll always by my 1st baby) going to school.  I always had a hard time anticipating school, and here I am, anticipating school again and crying about it.  But when the morning of the 1st day of school came, it was game time, and there were no tears to be had! We made eggs for breakfast, grabbed her lunch box and headed to school.  Lisee met us there, which was a huge help b/c Braden was not so pleased about the seeing his Sunday school teacher, whom he though was going to take him, and he burst into tears.  So I guess there were a few tears on school day #1, but not Adelyn's.  Adelyn walked in with her friend Turned, hung up her lunch box, used the potty, and marched right into class, without looking back.  I had anticipated tears, and possibly even running (that is what her daddy did in 1st grade) but not for her!  She did beautifully, and said she had a lot of fun the whole time.  When I asked her what she did at school, she said, "we played, and played and played and it was lots of fun."  Well, I guess she sees school as playing, which is a wonderful thing.  And I got some one-on-one play time with Braden during the 3 hours, which was definitely a good thing as well.  And, to top it all off, Adelyn slept for 3hours during her nap.  Yay for a successful 1st day of school!

showing me her lunchbox

In her 1st day of school/party dress that Ashley made for her.

Walking in the Turned

Lisee and Adelyn in front of her school

What a big girl!

Turner and his daddy

Standing where she hangs her stuff

Adelyn and Mrs. Donna

"So now what do we do, Mom?"


Rebecca Giles said...

Oh my gosh she is so big! But Mrs. Donna is the perfect teacher for her! Thanks for being honest that it's hard for you- I can only imagine!

Ashley Tuite said...

WOW! She's soo big!! What a precious little love bug! Can't wait to see them again soonish :)

You're an amazing momma, Emmy! Love you.

Virginia said...

Aww I can't stand it!! You and I met in preschool - can you believe she is that big? I started tearing up to so I completely understand your melt down. I love you Em xoxox

the reppard crew said...

so sweet and so big! i hear you on the mama-tears for those first days! :) hope this week goes well too! would love to see y'all soon! xo